The Super 16

Sunday, May 21st.  12pm EDT (6pm CEST)

Game resources for the SUPER 16 race

This is a work in progress! Keep checking back here in the coming weeks for updates.

If you have a tutorial or other information to contribute please email us and we'll add it to this page.


The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past

Gradius III
Tutorial video by NMEtv.
Some tips about options.

Avoid the J version because it is slower.

Contra III: The Alien Wars
The lives code only works on the J version: At the title screen press Down, Down+Right, Right, Start.
If you're on the U version you can increase your life count in the options menu.

If you can't get this game to work on SD2SNES, get the ROM for the DSP1 chip. Copy the BIN file into your "sd2snes" directory. Some emulators may require the DSP1 ROM as well; read more here.

Joe & Mac
You can run right with the R shoulder and left with the L shoulder. Double tap left or right on the d-pad to roll.

Hal's Hole In One Golf
Here are some tips.

Super Adventure Island
You can high jump by pressing Down+Jump.
You may use the stage select code, but only to go to a level that you've already reached. How to do it: when the title screen comes up a 2nd time, press and hold L + Right + X + Start.

Acmlm's run shows an efficient building pattern using Seed 61. This is believed to be the optimal seed.
Building layout for seed 61.
Building tips from Acmlm.

Smart Ball
Tutorial video by Skybilz.

Final Fight
A run as Cody by hanage_belmondo
Another playthru as Cody
There is a hidden options menu. Hold L+R and press Start at the title screen. You can adjust the life count by adjusting "Player". No other options may be changed.

Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
What's in the chests is not random. It depends on what kind of armor you have and how many chests you've seen. Here is a diagram.

Super Castlevania IV

General Guide
Knight League Guide

Final Fantasy IV (a.k.a. "Final Fantasy II")
These tutorials are for Paladin%, but they should be relevant for AntLion% as well:
Tutorial 1
Tutorial 2

Super Mario World
11 Exit Guide on SMW Wiki.
Orb Glitch Tutorial. If there's a newer setup let us know.
Cloud Glitch Tutorial

If you have a tutorial or other information to contribute please email us and we'll add it to this page.

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