The Super 16

Saturday, December 16th.  1pm EST (7pm CET)

Super 16 Participants

Here are the runners who have signed up for this race so far, with links to their twitch streams and twitters. Signup is optional. Anyone who wants to join the race only needs to show up on the SpeedRunsLive IRC and .enter the race on Dec 16th before 1pm EST.

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Participants (30)

Name   Twitch ID   Twitter
A3r1uS    A3r1uS    @A3r1uS
BlueGreenMikey    BlueGreenMikey    @BrokenBrackets
BMac    BMac_Attack_64     
Calco2    calco2    @Calco222
catsonurhead    catsonurhead    @catsonurhead
DarQ Massacres    DarQ_Massacres    @DarQMassacres
Eatitup    Eatitup_86    @Eatitup_86
FedePG52    FedePG52    @FedePG52
Hazretiyasuo    Hazretiyasuo     
Iggy    IggyDOTA     
infinitemystery    infinitemystery    @grandmamystery
Jakazam    Jakazam     
Jetabb    Jetabb    @_Jetabb
Julian    JulianRX     
KiAliens    KiAliens    @KiAliens
Le Hulk    Le_Hulk     
Lessness    lessnessv    @Lessness_V
LRock617    LRock617    @LRock617
Mageius    Mageius1     
Maligord    Maligord    @MaligordTV
OG Fluff    fluffytoycoy    @fluffytoycoy
OG Fluff    fluffytoycoy    @fluffytoycoy
Peebs    Peebs    @PBRGamer
PupG    MrPupG    @MrPupGeek
SDiezal    SDiezal    @sdiezal
Sid    UnicornSid    @TheUnicornSid
SoltyD    SoltyD    @SoltyDTV
V0lrat    V0lrat    @V0lrat
Yogidamonk    Yogidamonk     
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