The Super 16

Saturday, May 4th.  12pm EDT (7pm CEST)

The SUPER 16 Race

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Saturday, May 4th.  12pm EDT (7pm CEST)

A race of 16 games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. These games have recently celebrated their 25th (or 26th) anniversary and you can join in the fun by racing them. The total race time will be approximately 3 to 3.5 hours for the top finishers (but most people should plan for longer). You can sign up here so people know you're participating, however signing up isn't neccessary. All you need to do is join the race via SpeedRunsLive on the day of the race. You can watch the race on and

This is the third in a series of Super 16 races that will be taking place over the next several years. For each race we pick games that have recently celebrated their 25th anniversary, roughly following the order of release. Join us as we play the best (and worst?) games of the SNES Library!

Game List

To be announced on March 16th at 2pm EDT on

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