The Super 16

Sunday, May 21st.  12pm EDT (6pm CEST)

The SUPER 16 Race

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Sunday, May 21st.  12pm EDT (6pm CEST)

A race of 16 games for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. These games are celebrating (or recently celebrated) their 25th anniversary and you can join in the fun by racing a short goal of each one. The total race time will be approximately 3 hours for the top finishers (but most people should plan for longer). You can sign up here so people know you're participating, however signing up isn't neccessary. All you need to do is join the race via SpeedRunsLive on Sunday May 21st before 12pm EDT. You can watch the race on

This is the first of a series of Super 16 races that will be taking place over the next several years. For each race we will pick games that are approaching their 25th anniversary, roughly following the order of release. Join us as we play the best (and worst?) games of the SNES Library!

Game List

Games must be completed in the order shown.  All goals start from a new game and end when you've played up to and including the stage specified in the goal.  You may use emulator, flashcart, or cartridges.  You may use U or J version of the game (except FF4 which must be U version).  All glitches are allowed unless mentioned in the rules below. No codes are allowed unless mentioned in the rules below. Get the ROMs. Check out the tutorials, tips, and resources. Join the Discord server.

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past
Obtain Moon Pearl. No major glitches. Save+Quit is allowed.
Timing ends when the Moon Pearl appears above the chest.

Gradius III
Beat stage 2. Easy.
Timing ends when the stage 2 boss explodes.

Beat Filmore Act 2.
Timing ends when "Fillmore Act 2 Clear" appears.

Contra III: The Alien Wars
Beat stage 4. Easy. Lives code allowed. Increasing life-count allowed.
Timing ends when "Stage clear" appears after stage 4.

Beat lessons 1 and 2. Resetting after License A and skipping to the next lesson with a password is allowed.
Timing ends when "License B" appears.

Joe & Mac
Beat stage 6. Easy.
Timing ends when "Great. You've done it" appears after the boss.

Hal's Hole In One Golf
Beat 9 holes. Stroke play. Amateur mode.
Timing ends when the screen fades to black between holes 9 and 10.

Super Adventure Island
Beat world 3. You may use stage select code to return to any stage you've already reached.
Timing ends when the screen fades out after the World 3 boss.

Reach 100k citizens. Easy. Any seed. Money glitch allowed.
Timing ends when the HUD displays 100k or more.

Smart Ball
Beat world 4.
Timing ends when "Round Clear" appears after 4-B.

Final Fight
Beat round 3. Default difficulty. You MAY increase the life count (L+R+Start at the title screen. "Player").
Timing ends when "Round 3 Clear" appears.

Super Ghouls 'N Ghosts
Beat stage 3. Normal.
Timing ends when the screen fades out after entering the door.

Super Castlevania IV
Beat stage 3-3.
Timing ends when the screen fades out after the bone dragon boss.

Beat Knight League. Beginner.
Timing ends when the screen fades out after the last track.

Final Fantasy IV (a.k.a. "Final Fantasy II")
Defeat AntLion. North American version only.
Timing ends when the AntLion sprite fades out.

Super Mario World
11 Exit (Any% no credits warp).
Timing ends when Peach appears.

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