Submit Games

Don't include setup time in your estimates, but do give yourself a generous amount of time in case things go wrong.

Submit as many SNES/SFC games as you like. For races, only one person needs to submit the game (but it's ok if multiple people do). Make sure to check with the other racers before submitting their names. If you're not sure if someone else wants to race the game, just submit the game as a solo run and mention the potential race in your notes.

If you have commentators in mind for a run, please put their names in the notes field. If you already know your availability for the week of November 22nd – December 1st please put that in the notes as well. If you can be available during overnight shifts or weekday mornings that would be very helpful, because it's hard to fill those spots.

We're also looking for short runs that we can use as bonus games/categories to fill time when we're ahead of schedule. Let us know if you have a run to offer for this purpose.

DEADLINE October 27th 11:59pm EDT

If you have more than 5 games, submit another batch. If you want to update a game you submitted earlier, just submit that game again.

If you have a short bonus game or bonus category that you think would work as "filler" in case we get ahead of schedule, please submit that separately, and indicate that this is a bonus run, along with your range of availability.

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