Game List

Game list is still a work in progress. All games on this list have been accepted. Some runs might become races or vice versa. If you would like to race one of the runners on the list submit it. If you would like to commentate for a run, contact us and the runner. This list is not final. Submissions are still being processed.

For questions or problems contact: email, twitter.

Game Runner Category Estimate Commentators Notes
3 Ninjas Kick BackMannix86Any%(Easy)0:20self
AladdinLe HulkAny%0:18selfRunner's choice of category.
Ardy LightfootgiygasbluesAny%0:27self
Asterix & ObelixTraviktoxany% easy0:40Commentary needed
Batman ReturnsLRock617Easy%0:24self
Battletoads & Double DragoncolinboltsAny%0:28
Bebe's KidsLucha_GymAny%0:13Commentary needed
Beethovens 2ndJermRoany%0:15self
BonkersLe HulkAny%0:17self
Bram Stoker's DraculaLinkaMeisterNormal Difficulty0:23
BrandishOsse101NMG any%1:10self
Brandish 2Osse101any%1:40selfEnglish patch.
Castlevania Dracula XLucha_GymAny% catacomb route0:20Commentary needed
Chrono TriggerAedranaAny% no LSS3:00Redslash
Chrono Triggerponktus, redslashDefeat Magus RTA1:55Commentary needed
Clock TowerEcdycisAll Endings1:40Or S-Ending 00:20:00
Contra III The Alien WarsTheDrifter18 and FCJ2000Hard Any%0:20
Crayon Shin-Chan 2: Dai Maou no GyakushugiygasbluesBeat the Game0:14self
Cybernatord4gr0nJP Any%0:20self
Darius TwinEODTexAny% Easy0:25self
Demon's CrestLe Hulk100%0:45VaeVictus
Disney's Toy StoryJermRo, EnmetAny%0:25JasperTheFish
DKC Enemy RandomizerFathlo23All Stages1:20
Donkey Kong Countryparisianplayer101% 2x speed0:37self
Donkey Kong CountrySupremeAny% All Stages0:38self
Donkey Kong Country 2parisianplayerAny% 2x speed0:40Katun24
Donkey Kong Country 2fezzyfezzAny%0:45
Donkey Kong Country 3DemonBattlerAll DK Coins1:25
Donkey Kong Country 3SupremeAny%0:54self
Donkey Kong Country Trilogystew_, Dna423Any% Trilogy2:10DustPan2112
DoReMi Fantasy: Milon's DokiDoki Adventurekirbyfan5009Any%1:15
Dr. MarioAcmlmLevels 0-200:35Commentary needed
Earth Defense ForceEODTexSingle Player0:26self
Final Fantasy IVNinnyzAny% no644:00
Final Fantasy: Mystic QuesttherpgchickAny%2:30Netara?
First SamuraijanglestormAny%0:22
Front Mission: Gun HazardColonelFatsoAny%3:00
F-ZeroCount GoobyKnight League0:20
Ganbare Goemon 3: Shishijyuurokubei no Karakuri Manji KatameA3r1uSAny%1:30ZAR6565
Ganbare Goemon Kirakira Douchuu: Boku ga Dancer ni Natta WakeA3r1uSAny%1:10
GemfireTavetendoAny% 1:10Raeanus?
Ghoul PatrolLe HulkAny%0:30self
Goof TroopLe HulkGoofy0:27self
Goof TroopFFR Pro 21Max0:32Max - 00:32:00 Goofy - 00:33:00
Gradius IIIEODTexEasy0:28self
Gunple: Gunman's ProofthundermustacheAny%1:01
Home Improvement: Power Tool Pursuit!Prince_LeafAny%1:00TapatioJ
Hyper MetroidLinkaMeister, StuntCoyoteAny%1:12Commentary needed
Illusion of GaiaLe Hulk, Solarcell007Any%2:05Zheal, PhoeKun
J.R.R Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings Volume Onetutelarfiber7Any%1:10Gintatsu
Judge DreddTraviktoxAny%0:35Commentary needed
KiKi KaiKai: Nazo no Kuro Manto / Pocky & Rockyd4gr0nAny% Normal0:25self
Kirby's Super Star StackerFFR Pro 21Round Clear (Very Hard)0:45
Kirby Super StarKaonsAny%0:42
Lufia II: Rise of the SinistralsThatsFairZackAncient Cave Any%2:00Commentary needed
Lupin III: Densetsu no Hihou wo Oe!Oranges_LoveAny% Normal0:24self
Mario PaintgiygasbluesGnat Attack 1 Loop0:06self
Mario PaintcolinboltsGnat Attack0:06Commentary needed
Marvel Super Heroes in War of the GemsSmelly_MctrollAny%0:30
Mega Man 7VaeVictusAny%0:50
Mega Man XLawso42100%0:40self
Mega Man X2AraelAny%0:45
Mega Man X3TrogdorAny%0:45
Mortal KombatshmupforlifeSNES / Very Hard0:12self
Mr. NutzLe HulkAny%0:35self
Nightmare BustersTurbo GilmanNightmare Busters Easy Any% No Turbo0:25self
OscarPrince_LeafAny% Normal0:20TapatioJ
Panel de PonsyugaVS COM (Easy - Super Hard)0:33Commentary needed
Pitfall: the Mayan AdventureLe HulkAny%0:15self
Porky Pig's Haunted HolidayPrince_LeafAll Levels Normal Mode 0:38
P.T.O.: Pacific Theater of Operationsdan__hScenario 7 Allies0:15self
P.T.O.: Pacific Theater of Operationsdan__hScenario 9 Allies0:20self
RELAY: Super Mario World RandomizerSeathorne74,Twitchmasta123No Starworld1:00Commentary needed
RELAY: Super Metroid Randomizer (VARIA)Megakidicarus, RetroReviverCasual, No Route1:50Commentary neededTRACKER
RELAY: The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past Randomizercassidymoen, LJMnin2:10Commentary neededTRACKER
Road Runner's Death Valley RallyLenophisAny%0:35self
Rock N' Roll RacingRoneusRookie%1:00self
Secret of EvermorecolinboltsAll Bosses1:45self
Secret of Evermorecolinbolts, Zheal, Solarcell007, Gintatsu2Any% No Verminator Skip1:30MetaSigma
Secret of Evermore + Secret of ManaGinTatsu22 Games 1 Controller3:30
Shaq FuCount GoobyStory Mode (Easy)0:10
Skuljagger: Revolt of the WesticansjanglestormAny%1:00
SkyblazerVaeVictus, Le HulkAny%0:30Commentary needed
Smart BallgiygasbluesAny%0:22self
SMZ3kekumanshoyu, AndyNormal. Co-op.3:00self
Sonic Blast Man 2LinkaMeisterEasy Difficulty0:36
Soul BlazerLe HulkAny% (US) 1:40self
Soul Blazer + Illusion of GaiaLe Hulk2 games 1 controller3:15self
Soul Blazer RandomizerLe Hulk, GinTatsu2Randomizer3:00Commentary needed
Spanky's QuestLe HulkAny%0:25self
Street Fighter II: The World WarriorparisianplayerArcade mode, hardest difficulty, blindfolded0:45self
Super Adventure IslandgiygasbluesAny%0:22self
Super Adventure IslandLe HulkAny%0:25self
Super Adventure Island 2Ppotdot1Any%0:55Possible Le_Hulk, MrCab, LackAttack, Metasigma.
Super Adventure Island IILe HulkAny%0:55self
Super Black Bassdan__hAny%2:20
Super Communist Mario 3LenophisAll Worlds1:30self
Super Ghouls n' Ghostsd4gr0nTorch%0:50self
Super Mario All-Stars8bit_EthanAll 4 Any%0:37Goofychocobo, kingchipotle
Super Mario All-StarsRaikouRiderAll Games 100%3:20self
Super Mario Bros.: The Lost LevelsPicanteWarpless D-40:45self
Super Mario KartScouB, KVD, LafungoAll cups GP150cc 2p mode0:45dan__H, Joe Reinreb2 screen layout (KVD+ScouB, Lafungo)
Super Mario WorldAkisto, Sten96 Exits 1:30Commentary needed
Super Mario Worldkatun24Blindfolded 11 exit0:30Rezephos
Super MetroidARealCutieAny% (KPDR)0:50
Super Metroidponk, sloaters27, ShinyZeniReverse Boss Order1:30Commentary needed
Super MetroidMrGuyAverage, BFrobber, CanadianOwl, susreimeMax% Gt Code1:45Bennergetic, Shreddaily5-way race?
Super MetroidToastyGT Classic0:40selfGT Classic (40 minutes) All Miniboss RTA (30 minutes) Item Randomizer (1 hour)
Super Metroid: ArrivalLinkaMeister101%0:50
Super Metroid Multroid Item RandomizerLenophis, MetroidMstMultitroid Co-op0:45ElminsterTRACKER
Super Metroid: Project BaseHubert0987104%0:50
Super Metroid: Project BaseHubert0987, MrGuyAverageNG+0:20
Super Metroid: Project BaseCount GoobyAny%0:35
Super Metroid: Project BaseLinkaMeister, Hubert0987Any% Glitched - Spacetime0:18Commentary needed
Super Metroid RandomizerTatori, ponk, Ddraig Item Randomizer1:20Commentary neededTRACKER
Super Metroid RedesignElminsterRTALow% GT Code2:30self
Super Nazo PuyoDevolitionDerbyArle no Roux0:25AaronDobbe, Bbforky
Super Ninja KunLastsincommitedAny%0:25self
Super Smash TVbrisulph, jackmiuswedgeAny % Normal0:50sigmafan, lozcardsfan23
Super Smash TVPrince_Leaf, Gorlock9000, 40wattrangeAny% Easy0:10Brisulph, LoZCardsfan23
Super Star WarskekumanshoyuAny%0:30
Super Star Wars: Empire Strikes BackkekumanshoyuAny%0:40
Super Star Wars: Return Of The Jedikekumanshoyuany%0:35
Super Turricand4gr0nAny% Hard0:15self
SyvaliongiygasbluesBasic Series0:10self
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Tournament FightersLRock617Story - Normal0:15self
Tetris AttackYoschimidtsuStage Clear (23 minutes)0:23FFR Pro 21
Tetris AttackFFR Pro 21VS COM (Easy - Very Hard)0:35
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntColonelFatsobeat the game0:20
The Flintstones: The MoviePicanteAny%0:45self
The Ignition Factorthundermustacheany%0:21
The King of Dragonsdarkalexandrany% Normal0:32SorcererSeige
The Lawnmower Mand4gr0nAny%0:30self
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Pastparisianplayer, AcmlmRandomizer 2x speed1:20Screevo, EmoSaru[TRACKER]
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastScreevoAll Dungeons NoEG/DG/WW1:20selfWill race anyone interested
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past RandomizerBig JonInverted Mode or Enemizer2:30selfTRACKER
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past RandomizerLenophis, MetroidMstRandomizer Keysanity Co-op2:30ElminsterTRACKER
The Magical Quest Starring Mickey MouseLe HulkEasy0:20selfRunner's choice of category
The Simpsons: Bart's NightmareLRock617Any% 8 Pages0:20self
Tom & JerryLe HulkAny%0:15self
Top Gear 3000DunkelGotik, Yoschimidtsu, echoJjonasHard2:30Icenine, leandrom90
Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeSpiriaxAny% Hard 1P2C0:22LRock617
WWF Wrestlemania: The Arcade GameLRock617ICC Any%0:08self
Yoshi's SafariLRock617Any%0:40self
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